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KristalBond Solar Coating

Invented in Japan and patented in 16 countries, KristalBond is the first-ever solar liquid coating that provides thermal insulation barrier against harmful rays and solar heat for cooler indoor space and energy savings; giving you a comfortable home environment at lower electrical expenses.
kristalbond cover

About KristalBond

Glass creates contemporary spaces, opens up views and allows natural light to stream in. However, it also causes heat gain that makes a living space to be uncomfortable and air conditioning load to increase.

Sol-gel Technology

Enables silicone based binder to cure at room temporateure to give a functional glass that will be:
- Transparent
- Ultra-thin (7 micron)
- Excellent in leveling
- Quick drying

Nano Technology

A set of techniques that allow manipulation of properties at a very small scale.

Using hi-tech materials made of both organic and inorganic substances, it makes the coating clearer and more durable.


Increases the stability of coating and responsible for the self leveling of coating structure

Binder (Silane)

Chemically bond the coating to the glass via "hydrogen bonding"

Functional Additives

High performance infrared (IR), ultraviolet (UV) absorbers and nano color pigments to absorb the UV and IR

Benefits OF KristalBond

Blocks 99% of Ultraviolet (UV) Ray

KristalBond is formulated to block 99% of the sun's UVA and UVB.

- Protects the skin from hyperpigmentation and skin cancer with its sunblock factor of 348* SPF

- Protect furnishings from accelerated fading and aging due to direct sunlight exposure.
*Varies according to surrounding and insulating factors.

75% Visible light transmission (VLT)

An advanced colorless and clear coating that is only 7 microns thin with a low haze level of 0.8

- KristalBond reduces reflection on glass due to its crystal-like nature.

- Preserves window originality without any distortion and maintains the view with no glares of obstructers.

Cost Saving & Eco-friendly

KristalBond is safe to use and helps you to maintain your budget.

- With 90% heat cut, a 2 ~ 3°C decrease in temperature can reduce up to 20% of electrical consumption on a yearly basis. It also helps to reduce approximately 5.6/m² annum of CO2 greenhouse emission.

- Free from non-toxic ingredients like plastic, adhesive, and metal.

Resists 90% of infrared (IR) Ray

During hot weather, KristalBond is able to reduce solar heating by up to 64%.

- Able to reduce temperature of indoor environment by up to 3°C.

- Increases comfort level, especially near glass areas.

Above 15 years durability

Upon application, KristalBond is chemically bonded onto glass to form a long-lasting, sturdy and scratch-resistant layer of 6H hardness. The warranty against bubbling, peeling and cracking is provided for 15 years with minimal changes to its performance and properties.

Accomodates any shape and size

KristalBond can be coated seamlessly with a perfect smooth finishing regardless of contours and curves of glass.

Its superior self-levling properties give KristalBond the finishing edge over solar control films.

Fire REsistant

As tested under JIS R3211:1998 and JIS R32313:1998, KristalBond is combustion resistant.

Once cured, it does not incinerate nor release toxic fumes upon exposure to fire.

Easy To Maintain

KristalBond does not require special maintenance, simply clean with a microfiber cloth.

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